Couples Photoshoot + Alex & Quigley


It is always refreshing when couples are down to do whatever you want a photo shoot. Its even more fun when they have more ideas & swag of their own. Hell, I can't even get my husband to wear these Gucci shoes I love for a family photo shoot and this lady here has her husband wearing these awesome pink loafers. If that isn't goals, I do not know what is. I'm just kidding, wear whatever shoes are comfortable for you BUT my best advice for couples shoots is this. If you are already to committed to photos and already have a date + time, go big or go home. Have so much fun with it, there is no sense in dreading or being in a bad mood about it. You have to be there anyway (most of the time for your lady) so make her happy, wear what she wants you to wear, have a little enthusiasm, let your hair blow in the wind, run, skip, jump, and kiss ALOT.  I mean what better time to be all over each other than in front of the camera. The best pictures come from laughing, loving, and touching each other.