Why I reccomend 100% hiring a photographer for milestone moments.  

Do you ever look back on old events, birthdays, graduations, showers, etc. and think "oh I wish I had better pictures of this," or "I wish we had some pictures of that!" I think it is often overlooked that a photographer is even needed for things like this. We think of hiring a photographer for family photos to put up on our wall, for Christmas cards, for engagements or weddings but what about the things we do every year, the people who we are closest with? The birthday parties we plan for our kids(s), the showers and parties we throw for our siblings and friends? In the midst all of these things that we have put so much time, energy, and money into, why end it with just a few photos on our phone, if we even remember to do that.

We've all been there, hell I did it just last week at my baby shower, I didn't take one picture with any of my family or friends and it almost made me sick to think about. I just want you to know it is so easy to have a photographer come for an hour or two to a special event and have you not worry. They are there to capture the food, the decor, the family and friends, and most importantly the person of honor. 

Even if you are a photographer yourself or have a nice camera, if you are hosting the party have someone else take the pictures. You have so many other things on your mind and people to cater to that you will be so happy to look back at all the special moments the photographer captured.

I got to capture this lovely bridal shower today and I hope these are pictures they will cherish forever and remember how special that time in their life was. These aren't the pictures you will most likely put up on your wall or frame by your bedside but they are great for making albums and looking back on with family and friends. Thank you so much Jessi, Angie, Kristina & family for having me. I had the best day with Kristina & Co. It was a beautiful bridal shower.