About me

Hello all of you lovely people out there, I am Christina, the woman behind the lens. I love to eat, drink wine, and of course take pictures. I am happily married to my dream guy, Michael, a strong-bearded-tattooed-long haired- samoan man. We have one son Kaimana and one daughter Ke’ala. I am an Idaho native (born and raised woo woo) and love it here, the mountains, the seasons, the nature, the small town life! 

I have an extensive background in Health and Physical Education but have always been drawn to my inner artistic side, where photography has been my passion. I relate to pictures in a way some people relate to songs, I can look at an image and instantly be taken back to that time, all the emotions, smells, and memories of that moment.

I am most inspired by photographing people. The raw, the chaos, and the playfulness of real people in their everyday lives. I would love to chat with anyone interested in pictures and pursuing their vision to capture their families and loved ones in photographs.