Lifestyle+ In Home Photo Shoot

It is sometimes hard to feel inspired or motivated in the "down time" of the photography world especially in Idaho. Its usually after the holidays, the weather isn't the best, most likely people just had their pictures taken a few months ago, etc. Although most people aren't looking to get photo shoots done in the early spring I think it is PRIME time for some fun, creative, and intimate photos that capture just who you are in the comfort of your own home.

Indoor sessions are the during those colder winter months. I am a firm believer in having your family photographed at least twice a year (I know that sounds like a lot) but I think you should always get pictures taken during milestone moments, every year as your children and/or dogs grow up, but why not do something for yourself?

Lifestyle and in-home sessions truly capture  who you are in your daily lives.  Don't get me wrong I love photographing people in the fall/winter months as they prepare for holidays, christmas cards, and photo gifts but truly opening up your home to the raw chaos that is life and having someone come in to photograph those silly, loving, fun, moments is something to be cherished for a lifetime.