The Lombardo Family + Idaho Fall Family Session

Its not always easy to get everyone together (and happy) for family photos. Kids are entirely their own ball game. They either love it or they hate it. They are either happy or they aren’t. They may listen or they may not but hey, thats what you get. As you look through this gallery, not every picture is “perfect” or posed but thats just how I like it and to me those are the “perfect” shots. Kids running away, someone laughing, someone kissing, that is my perfect, somewhat chaotic world.

I shoot my sessions how I would want to be photographed. IN THE MOMENT. You will never get your little babies back like this again and I try to capture that. I mean hello, thats what you paid me to do isn’t it? In a session we play games, we talk (a lot), sometimes we listen to music, and most all the time we are silly and fun, I want you to be you, and I hope that is what I always capture.

I sure hope you enjoy these sneak peaks Hilary. Your family is a beautiful one.

Xo Christina