The Baker Family + Idaho Holiday Family Photos + Eagle Idaho

The stress and pressure of the holidays can drive some people mad. If you are even a tiny bit human the hustle and bustle of the regular day to day is already busy enough, add in holidays, families coming or going to visit, etc it just never stops. This family here is one of the busiest around and (finally) we had time to take their family pictures.

I want everyone to know that if they can get these done, you can too. Its not easy I know. Family picture day is stressful. I’m a photographer and when I have family pictures its stressful. A lot goes into it, usually everyone is having their worst day, the list goes on. I want to change that. I want to change that for people but especially for families. I knew how stressed they had been, how busy they had been, and how much was going on and I said you know what, walk down the street and come take these in my backyard, trust me they will be great. And guess what thats exactly what they did and I think we got some amazing REAL LIFE family shots.

Truly nothing better.

Love you Bakers