The Chapmans - Idaho Fall Family Photos

The Chapman family,

I couldn’t have asked for a better fall family session than this. The Chapmans truly are amazing kind people and to me this session to me SCREAMS family. I preach all the time how important it truly is to have these memories captured for years to come. I know they can be costly and I know the entire process leading up to a photo shoot can be stressful but after you look through this “snippet” of a gallery I don’t even think this needs to be explained.

These pictures speak my words for me. It is everything I hope for in a shoot. This is family, and most likely how your family interacts daily. There is playing, laughing, loving, and even crying. I strive to capture all of it. ALL of it. The real, the raw, the chaos, and most of all the love. After all thats what family is right? Im not looking to go pose you in front of a tree and have everyone sit up straight and smile and have your chin pointed at the exact angle I want while you simultaneously fold your hands just so. Its not real, its not life, or at least the life I know you want to remember. I take photographs of the images I would want to hang up in my home, how I would want my family photographed so why would I think you’d want any different?

Get your family pictures taken people! Even if its just once a year. Do it for your family! You are raising an amazing tribe capture as much as you can to look back on you’ll appreciate it not only now but later in life.