Sweet Anaya

Right here is the sweetest girl you will ever see and her mama is one of my favorites. I met Melissa (Anaya’s mom) at my chiropractor here in Boise, Idaho..shout out to Idaho Chiropractic Group. I didn’t even realize she was pregnant and that we’d have our baby girls just 4 days apart but in extremely different circumstances. Anaya was born on June 1st at just 23 weeks gestation weighing just 1lb 2oz.

It wasn’t until after I had given birth to Ke’ala and I went in to get adjusted after birth that I found out the news. There was Melissa back at work, giving me all the positive compliments, asking to hold my baby, not mentioning one time the pain she was going through. That her sweet baby was fighting for her life, being taken care of in the NICU, that she hadn’t even got to bring her home.

Months went by before they were able to bring Anaya home and throughout it all I didn’t hear her complain one time. I talked to Melissa often though those few months. We had talks about motherhood, met for coffee, and saw each other as much as we could. I will be forever grateful for the bond that we share over having these precious baby girls and that I got to shoot these for Anaya on her first birthday. I am even more grateful for the precious example and light in my life that Melissa has brought. She is a true mama warrior and her kindness and strength through some extremely painful times is to be admired. I am so lucky to know you both. I hope you enjoy these sweet images.


Christina Beseris