Parker Family + Idaho Summer Family Photos + Red Chair Lavender + Eagle, Idaho Family Session

I was reading something a few weeks ago on a fellow photographers page about being annoyed when clients want to see pictures right away or are persistent on when they will get their galleries. This photographer was super annoyed in her response and seemed almost irritated that her clients wanted sneak peaks. It was in this same negative situation that another professional called her out and turned a negative outlook on something into such a positive experience.

So to all my photographer friends instead of being mad or irritated with your clients about wanting to see sneak peaks of their pictures, be happy for them. They are just excited to see their photos. They are excited to see your work. They are excited to see how you captured them. They are excited to show their friends, to post on their social media, and hopefully hang up on their walls. Instead of giving a negative response maybe send them one or two and let them know they are important and that when you get to their gallery you will give it 110%. And to all my clients and friends I hope you know it is okay to touch base or ask to see how things are going. I recently also had an incident where I blogged the session but never sent them the gallery. 4-5 weeks had gone by and the lady reached out kindly asking about the pictures. LIKE OH MY GOSH!! What if she would have waited 8 or 10 and hated me forever. I’m not saying I do this often but mistakes do happen and things sometimes are overseen. I hope myself I can do a better job of sending a few sneak peaks throughout the weeks leading up to gallery delivery and hope my clients understand a lot of back end does go into making sure I give them a gallery they will love forever.

*This client below did ask me for sneaks almost right away and needed just one shot for her sons birthday party invite. I was happy to quickly get on and give her 2 or 3. Its the little things that I hope I can keep doing to make for a great experience. She’s also an epic GIF texter so it made our messages that much better.

Check out her cute family below.